Ips Sexdentatus

Affected trees
Pine trees

The Six-spined Engraver Beetle is a coleopteran, 5.5-8.2mm in length that poses a very serious threat to pines. The most susceptible species are the Scots pine, and the black and maritime pine.

Number of annual generations
Normally from 1 to 5 generations a year depending on the weather; in the Mediterranean, there are usually 3.

Usually attacks weakened trees or dying ones, but when the population is high they may attack healthy ones. They dig galleries under the bark of the tree to feed on the phloem. This gallery construction paralyzes the flow of sap and can kill the affected tree.

Pheromone: Ipslab / Pinuswit
Trap: WitaTrap Multi Funnel / Multiwit

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