• Lepisistema
  • Lepisistema

Trap for the monitoring of populations and mass capture of lepidopteran insects.

Shipping unit

  • 1 x transparent base for capture deposit.
  • 1 x base lock.
  • 1 x pheromone holder hat.
  • 2 x baskets.
  • 2 lids for the baskets.
  • 1 x rope for hanging.
  • 1 attractant Lepisistema
  • 15 pheromones


The range of traditional pots has dimensions that are standardized in the horticultural sector. With a simple design, they meet the demands of the nurseryman for many applications.

Lepisistema is a trap designed for monitoring or mass capture, mainly of Lepidoptera. The trap has a special configuration optimized for easy handling and placement. It can be hung or nailed at the bottom.

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